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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - Oktoberfest

Important quality features are:
  • Material quality: High-quality materials such as poly, porcelain and metal.
  • Authenticity: Detailed patterns and traditional Bavarian symbols.
  • Functionality: Practical usability of the products. Exclusivity:
  • Limited editions and personalisation options. Sustainability:
  • Environmentally friendly production methods.
Udo Platzöder
Euro Souvenirs offers:
  • Many years of experience: Expertise in the industry.
  • Quality: High product quality and customer satisfaction.
  • Diverse range: Wide selection of traditional and modern souvenirs.
  • Personalised advice: Support in choosing the right souvenir.
  • B2B focus: Ideal for customer loyalty and brand presence.
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Oktoberfest souvenirs are special mementos that capture the experience of the world-famous folk festival. They offer everyone the opportunity to take a piece of Europe's biggest folk festival with them.
Udo Platzöder
The range extends from traditional to innovative products, including
  • Soft toys: lions and traditional costume bears in various designs.
  • Magnets: Attractive designs such as the brewery carriage or the gingerbread heart.
  • Beer mugs: Porcelain beer mugs in elegant black with a decorative edelweiss design.
  • Coasters: Porcelain coasters with Bavarian motifs and personalisation options.
  • Key rings: Robust metal key rings with Bavarian flair.
Udo Platzöder