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Pure nostalgia! in model car wholesale from EURO SOUVENIRS

You would like to offer your customers, who collect cars out of passion or want to secure a handy favorite model of the youth for home, the suitable article? Our model car wholesale offers you a wide selection of enthusiast car models and awakens pure nostalgia in your customers. Our vehicles awaken in you memories of the time you spent in your dream car. Even for lovers of racing cars - who can not afford their dream car - you will find suitable models, such as a Lamborghini Huracán or Porsche 964 Turbo. Our model car wholesale from EURO SOUVENIRS GmbH brings your customers' favorite cars to your store - at a good price.

Model cars - pure nostalgia!

There are numerous automobile fans who love cars because of the memories and emotionality. This can be seen in the countless car exhibitions, which are attended by many devotees. Especially the Trabi has a large number of enthusiasts, but also other models - such as VW Bus or Mercedes Benz 300S. These models have one big thing in common - the memory value. But also the newer car models, which you can find in our online store, have the right value for car lovers. So you can not only arouse the nostalgia and emotions of your customers, but also satisfy the desire for their own dream car. Buy matching model cars in our online store and benefit from the uniqueness it will give your store.

Trabi & VW Bus - collector's models

You still remember exactly how it was to drive along the streets in your Trabi or simply find the car beautiful? Then buy here in our model car wholesale handy models and offer your customers with the same feelings and memories the right dream car. This is cheaper than buying a real classic car model and can be placed anywhere to be visible at all times. This way you always have your favorite models (and those of your customers) at hand in your store. This way you can stir the emotions of your customers and stand out from your competitors.

The Trabi is a cult car and stands for mass motorization in the GDR. It has also become a symbol of the reunification of Germany and thus evokes a positive memory in many people. For this reason, it is also one of the cars with the greatest emotional value. Today, there are relatively few roadworthy Trabants, so it can be difficult to acquire one. Accordingly, the waiting time for buying a Trabi is very long. Offer your customers - with the help of our model car wholesale - the right solution to this problem and fulfill their desire for their own enthusiast car - without long waiting time.

The VW Bus is also known to trailers by the nickname Bulli. VW was only able to legally secure this name in 2007 - the rights were held by Kässbohrer Geländefahrzeug AG. The VW Bus was especially popular during the hippie era. However, the VW company was less enthusiastic about the fact that the Bulli was so widely used by hippies. VW was afraid that this would damage the image of the minibus. Today, the VW Bus has nevertheless become a symbol of the hippie movement and also stands for the economic miracle. Thus, it has become a vehicle with a very positive memory value.

Cars, Motorcycles, Quads & Trucks - The right model for everyone

Whether VW Bus or a Corvette - in our model car wholesale every car enthusiast will find the right model for his showcase. We offer cars and motorcycles for your trade. In addition, you will find a selection of trucks in our online store. So you can also sell the right model to the truck lovers among your customers. You will find the Unimog from Mercedes Benz, Volvo trucks as well as MAN tractors. 

In our subcategory assortments we offer for example displays. Here you have the choice between sports car, SUV, Lamborghini and Porsche. Each of these displays has 12 models, each of which is available in six different color variants.

You want a more unusual model car for your trade? No problem, because you can even find a VW bus in hippie design in our online store of EURO SOUVENIRS GmbH. With this you can revive your customers' memories of the 60s/70s and let them wallow in nostalgia.

Old & New - Oldtimer and new car models

With our oldtimer car models you can evoke emotions and memories in your customers. But also our newer models inspire every automobile fan! Who does not know the problem that one wishes a fast as well as exclusive car, however, does not have the necessary small money? Offer your customers the cheap version of the dream car by buying newer car variations in our model car wholesale.

Through the emotionality as well as nostalgia, you can gain a competitive advantage by offering your customers these little matters of the heart in your store. Buy car models in our store now and set yourself apart from the competition!

Get a piece of automotive history through our model car wholesale in your store and offer your customers so, the right for the complete nostalgia feeling - and at a very good price-performance ratio.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - Vehicles

With us you have a large selection of articles from different industries. Upon request, you can receive custom-made products. You profit from favorable prices and a purchase directly from the manufacturer. With us you have a partner with long industry experience and good contacts to the manufacturers. With us you can order large and small quantities and receive them quickly and mostly climate neutral.
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We purchase our items directly from the manufacturer. The shorter delivery processes reduce costs, which we are happy to pass on to you in the form of more favorable conditions. This gives you a higher margin than usual or allows you to advertise particularly favorable offers. Of course, we do not compromise on quality - all our articles are of high quality.
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