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You are looking for great figurines, which are not only suitable for sale, but also beautify your store? Then we at EURO SOUVENIRS GmbH offer the right items for your trade. The articles from our figurines wholesale are not only decorative, but also popular - with young and old! So you present your business from its best side.

Great animal figurines for all animal lovers

Our animal figurines are also very popular - whether big or small. Here you will find everything from elegant lanterns, cuddly figures with faux fur to detailed and massive animal figurines. So the right item for you and the needs of your trade is guaranteed in our large assortment.

Especially the owls belong to the particularly popular animal figurines in our figurines wholesale. The kings of the night are known to represent the light of wisdom and the world of shadows. They are very clever and popular animals. In our online store you will find a selection of lanterns, which are also suitable for attaching to a chain. You can choose between lifelike as well as funny figurines with instruments and place them decoratively in your store.

Funny clowns from our figurines wholesale

The cheerful contemporaries make your trade a real eye-catcher with their colorful designs. In our figurines wholesale you will find clowns in various sizes, up to 140 cm! Head, hands and feet are made of poly - body, arms and legs are stuffed. This allows them to survive transport and store stay very well. Get the funny jokers in your store - standing, sitting or as an edge stool. This will make your store perfectly equipped not only for the carnival season!

Alpine flair for your store

Are you looking for great souvenirs in alpine style for your store? In our figurines wholesale you will find a huge selection of figurines in alpine style. Here we offer you, for example, articles around the theme of Oktoberfest. In our large assortment you have the choice between girls or boys in traditional costume, great beer or hat magnets or for example a brewery carriage. If you want to offer very small and practical souvenirs in your store, we have great key chains in alpine design.

Equip your store with the right souvenirs. Not only will you get great items for your customers, but also decorative pieces that will give your store that special something! Bring your own alpine charm to you and enchant your customers with the large selection of great souvenirs!

Knights and pirates - heroes in our figurines wholesale

Who does not know them, the fearless and brave fighters? Our knights and pirates bring the rough charm of real warriors into your store! We offer our knight figurines in various designs in our online store, for example as a crusader or in silver/gold armor. If you want it especially action-packed, then you can choose from a variety of fighting figures - even with war horses! These are especially popular with boys and men.

Among our newest versions are the little knights made of poly. These are optically compressed and thus have a very cute appearance. Thus, these are also suitable for the smaller customers. If you are looking for a particularly impressive item for your store, you will find the "Knight on Throne" item. This one is silver colored with gold accents and has a height of 21 cm.

Set yourself apart from your competitors with our huge selection of items. There's guaranteed to be something for everyone here to enhance your store - visually and financially! If you're looking for something unique, we also offer custom items - tailored specifically to you and your customers' needs. If you still have questions or need our help, you can reach us by phone, email or contact form.