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Articles suitable for the fifth season in our carnival wholesale

Every year on 11.11. at 11:11 o'clock and 11 seconds the fifth season is rung in. This is known under various names - for example, carnival, Fasching or Fastnacht. Carnival is an important time for the Germans and has a long tradition. The first Rosenmontagszug took place already on 10.02.1823 under the slogan "Thronbesteigung des Helden Carneval". Since then, there have been extensive and long celebrations - whether in Cologne, Düsseldorf or Mainz. But not only Germany is regularly gripped by carnival fever. The carnival in Rio de Janeiro or Venice is one of the most famous festivals in the world.

However, carnival is not as important in all countries. For example, in France it falls on a single day - Mardi Gras. So that you are perfectly equipped for the fifth season and all Jecken, we of EURO SOUVENIRS offer you in our carnival wholesale the suitable articles.

The cap - perfect for all Jecken

For every carnival celebration your customers are equipped with our carnival caps from our carnival wholesale not only visually, but also against the cold season. For this reason, our caps are also among the most popular items. With you, your customers' heads will always stay warm during carnival parades - even in wind, snow or rain! So that everyone can find the cap that matches their outfit in our range, we have put together a wide selection of motifs for you. We offer everything from normal animals to mythical creatures to hats around the theme of carnival. Whether piste sow, snow bunny, pirate head or ghost - even for unusual needs and wishes you will find the right headgear. With the caps from our carnival wholesale you are guaranteed to meet every taste!

Baseball caps as an alternative to the classic cap

In our carnival wholesale you will also find headgear for your customers who do not like to wear caps. Here we offer baseball caps with funny as well as cute animal motifs - from classic pigs to marbles and alpine bears. These caps are especially suitable for those customers who are invited to a carnival party but do not want to dress up completely. For those who want to present their love for beer in an appealing way, there is also the baseball cap "Beer Mug".

Clowns - standing, sitting or hanging

The most popular costume of the Cologne Carnival is the rag clown. Here, various scraps of fabric are sewn to the costume on top of each other and the red clown wig completes the costume. The rag clown originated from an artificial figure, the harlequin. This cheerful fellow is available in our online store in sizes up to 85 cm in a classic red and white robe or in the colorful version. This one visually enhances your business and also sets it apart from your competition. Of course, other clowns in a variety of designs and color combinations are also represented in our online store. So there are not only standing, but also sitting or hanging models from a size of 7 cm up to 140 cm.

Very decorative are also our clowns made of poly with red heart balloons or with musical instruments. Also popular are our models used as edge stools. Give your customers the right mood for the fifth season with the clowns from our carnival wholesale.

Articles for carnival - customized for your business.

We at EURO SOUVENIRS offer you customizable articles. So that they represent your company appealingly. For example, our baseball caps from our carnival wholesale can be customized with your logo or colors to match your business. In this way, you receive high-quality articles around the theme of carnival, carnival, Shrovetide or fifth season - tailored to you and your customers.

If you wish individual productions, you should clarify the feasibility of special productions with us in advance. Of course, we will also be happy to advise you on your purchase if you have any questions. For this purpose you can reach us by phone or e-mail. Alternatively, fill out our contact form to get in touch with us.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) Carneval

Currently we have only one plush clown in our assortment.
Udo Platzöder
The rag clown, also called Pluutemann in Cologne, was created at a time when people had little money to spend. They took scraps of cloth and made a costume out of them. Numerous cloth rags in bright colors are sewn onto the clothes like scales or roof tiles. In this way, the clown not only attracts all eyes, but also immediately makes the viewer laugh.
Udo Platzöder
Our assortment includes small clowns made of poly with musical instruments, edge stools, glitter balls, money boxes, rag clowns and even a standing clown about 160 cm tall with great colorful painted faces many different products.
Udo Platzöder
We offer many personalizable products. For example, you can have Christmas baubles personalized or personalize your own hip flask; personalized knives, pens or lanterns are also possible. Get inspired in our category for personalizable products or select your item specifically by category, theme or material. Personalizable products have a corresponding note in the article descriptions.
Udo Platzöder