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Magnets are a popular souvenir. They fit in every suitcase, are practical and - especially on refrigerators - very decorative. You want to bring your loved ones and those at home a souvenir from a nice holiday, but often there is not enough space in the suitcase for large figures. This is an important issue, especially when travelling by plane or train. In addition, you want to buy something that will arrive complete and in one piece. That's why magnets are ideal as a small gift. Offer your customers great magnets from our magnet wholesale. This will preserve beautiful holiday memories.

Regional motifs - Alpine, Bavaria, Black Forest and Lake

In our magnet wholesale we offer you and your customers various regional motifs, which mainly serve as a small gift from a nice holiday. Here you can find everything about AlpineBavaria, Black Forest as well as the Lake. Do you often have customers looking for souvenirs from their holidays? Then our high-quality magnets with regional motifs are just the thing for you.

Our alpine motifs include traditional costume couples as well as hats, edelweiss or even mountaineering marmots. Here you are guaranteed to find the right design for the Alpine region. For the Bavarian region, we offer, for example, miniature canvases or hearts that suit every lover of Bavarian culture. Our Black Forest magnets include clocks, houses, hats or Black Forest couples, for example. Our sea magnets are designed around the theme of the sea and the coast. Here you will find mainly sea creatures, such as fish and mermaids, but also lighthouses, seagulls and seals. Offer your customers great regional souvenirs with our magnets from EURO SOUVENIRS!

Cute animal motifs - owls, fish, wild boars and co.

Magnets with animal motifs are great souvenirs for young and old! In our wholesale magnet shop you will find cutely designed animals such as owls, cats and colourful sheep and cows, but also realistically designed animals such as wild boars, wolves or deer. In addition, you will also find a selection of sea creatures here. Our colourful and cute animal motifs are particularly suitable for families with children, as they are very appealingly designed. Strong colours give every fridge that certain something. You want more unusual magnets for your shop? Our realistic forest creatures are also available with a wooden disc, these are especially suitable as souvenirs from or for hunters. 

Magnets with bottle opener - decorative bottle opener Would you like more regional motifs? Then you will find what you are looking for with the magnets with bottle opener. We offer designs for other great holiday regions. For example, you'll find a witch and the Brockenbahn for the Harz mountains, an Alsatian woman, designs for Austria and Berlin, and knights. This way you expand your regional range even further and set yourself apart from your competition. Who hasn't experienced it? You want to drink a cool bottle of beer and have nothing at hand to open it. You have the option of searching for an opener for a long time or misappropriating another object and scratching it. With a decorative magnetic bottle opener, you always have it at hand and know exactly where it is - whether in the kitchen on the fridge or in the living room on the metal pinboard or another magnetic surface.

A wide variety of motifs - the right one for every taste Our magnets with motifs have beautiful designs matching the respective city or region. For example, you can find Neuschwanstein Castle or the Berlin Wall here. In our Other category, we offer you special shapes of magnets, for example hearts, knights, nutcrackers, clowns or picture frames. These very decorative variants are ideal for decorating kitchens and rooms and are also very practical. For your teenage customers, you will find special magnets in emoji design in our magnet wholesale.

Customisable articles

Here, too, our articles can be individualised and tailored to your wishes and the requirements of your customers. You can choose your own motif for a magnet in panorama format and have it made. But existing articles can also be adapted for you. For example, you have the option of choosing magnets with miniature canvases with or without an easel.

Our magnets all have one thing in common: they are high-quality produced and practical, are ideal as a souvenir from your holiday, decorate every fridge and every magnetic wall and are also easy to store. No matter which motif you choose in our magnet wholesale - it will visually enhance your business and you will also offer your customers great souvenirs! If you have further questions about our products or our custom-made products, you can reach us by phone, e-mail or via our contact form