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Our "thank you" for you - as loyal customers

Crises are there to be overcome.

We, as your business partner, some of whom have been with you for many years, would like to stand by your side even now.

Each and every one of us has had to accept cuts, restrictions and often drastic drops in sales in recent weeks. Now the pandemic should be so far under control that many easing measures have already been planned and partly already implemented.

This means that a great many stores will be able to reopen. People will be able to visit families again and some will be able to go on holiday again. In some countries, for example, there are concrete plans to ease the situation with regard to hotels and tourism.

For all orders until 15.August 2020 .....

 Exit-Stragegie-Versand Carriage free deliveries from 500,- € upwards 
within Germany and 

Free German border from 500,- € 

You can also choose one of our "quick help" options:

 Exit-Stragegie-Valuta 4 weeks value date on new orders
by the end of 2020
 Exit-Stragegie-Rabatt 5% discount on new orders
by the end of July
 Exit-Stragegie-Beratung Your individual "quick start help"
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